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Get More Productive Leads Through Automated Outreach With SalesBlink

When it comes to outreach, you need a campaign that captures target audiences the same way Beyoncé captures Grammys (i.e., effortlessly and expectedly). There’s no need to follow hopeless leads when you can chat with interested parties at the right point of contact, every time. Want to close deals like never before through multi-channel campaign planning, and maybe even take home a Best in Sales award of your own? Take a peek at SalesBlink.

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InfluencerSoft Get an engine that automatically drives your marketing plan

You didn’t get into business just to stress about your marketing. (You also like to stress about your business cards and whether your company name sounds too close to “Google.”) But building, testing, and tweaking your funnels to make sure they convert is a tall order, especially when you don’t have a marketing background. Put the fun back in funnels with a complete marketing and sales funnel software that works for you, giving you more time to do all the other important stuff in your day. Meet InfluencerSoft.

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Create an Interactive Learning Experience with Acadle

Training people in a way that supports learning retention can be challenging. (Ask us if we still remember the difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes from high school biology.) If you want to retain customers and employees, then you’ve got to make sure they have adequate onboarding. Looking for a simple way to create an interactive learning experience in your own online academy? Meet Acadle.

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Publish Audio Content and Grow Your List with Soundwise

With so many audio product tools on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. (“You get a tool! And you get a tool!”) How many tools does it take to make podcasts, create audio courses, self-publish audiobooks, sell podcast subscriptions, and give your audience access to all your audio content on the go? Just one. Introducing Soundwise.

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User-Generated Content At Your Fingertips with Foap

You know your brand is one of a kind, but your campaigns look a lot like everyone else’s. (“No, see, their picture is a smiling baby and ours is a laughing baby! Subtle difference.”) Getting your marketing content to shine is tough when all you’ve got are overused stock photos. If only you had access to a community of millions of content creators who could turn your creative vision into a reality… Meet Foap.

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Build, Host, and Manage Membership Websites with SubHub

With all the expert knowledge you have to share, you ought to start charging for it. But building a membership website with different subscription plans is a complicated undertaking (hey, you’re teaching pottery, not coding). If only there was a simple vehicle that could regularly publish your amazing content and generate recurring revenue. Well, now there’s SubHub.

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Create and Sell Online Courses With WP Courseware

People take online courses on just about anything, from marketing strategies to how to knit underwear. (“4/5, would wear for special occasion.”) But most third-party course platforms take a cut of your hard-earned money, despite taking no part in helping you find all those sick memes for your presentation decks. What if you could easily build and host your course on your own WordPress website without having to share your profits with the course builder? Meet WP Courseware.

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